what’s going on

This site began life as an adjunct to the existing Fox Edition website but now has a life of its own and is regularly up-dated.

There’s a list of everything published by the Fox Edition and a list of performances. There are also musings on works-in-progress, many of which seem to be connected with memory and remembering. There’s information about my writing, and, under ‘Miscellaneous’, some articles that aren’t easy to find. When I can I also add otherwise unavailable recordings, the newest being Alan Hall’s Ligeti documentary (in which I make a series of appearances) and an old ‘Hear and Now’ clip about cowbells.

The most recent news is of projects ending and beginning. Durham University’s Musicon series commissioned me to finish the Too Far cycle and it will be premiered on 31 November.  The Wellcome Trust have funded a new work for the voices of The Clerks and electronics, Phantom Voices, which explores the phenomenon of auditory hallucination, the voices and music we hear in our heads; it will be premiered in Cambridge at the end of this month. Also underway is a piece for Ilan Volkov, the improvising musician Rhodri Davies, and the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, to be premiered in the 2015 Tectonics Festival.

Other news: Philip Thomas’s CD of my recent piano music, Republican Bagatelles, Thermogenesis, at the edge of time and L’ascenseur is about be released on hat[now]ART 192. Plans are afoot too for new CDs, one for Ergodos with Anton Lukoszevieze playing my recent cello music and the other for Metier with Elizabeth Hilliard singing my vocal music , both scheduled for February 2015 release.

Christopher Fox, 23 October 2014