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This site is the main source of information about my work and is updated regularly. There’s a list of everything published by the Fox Edition, a list of performances, musings on works-in-progress, information about my writing, including some articles that aren’t so easy to find, and recordings, such as the late Bob Gilmore’s documentary on my music, from his remarkable Tentative Affinities project.

Last year saw the publication of the book about my music which Rose Dodd has been painstakingly putting together for the last three years. Perspectives on the Music of Christopher Fox – Straight Lines in Broken Times is published by Routledge at an eye-watering price that suggests that university libraries are likely to be the book’s main purchaser, but it’s a great privilege to have my work discussed by Monty Adkins, Nikki McGavin, Stephen Chase, Bob Gilmore, Roger Heaton, Bjorn Heile, Claudia Molitor, Philip Thomas, and of course, Rose herself.

Not in the book, of course, is any discussion of my most recent music, of which the Topophony works are the most substantial. Ilan Volkov has conducted two performances of the orchestral Topophony, with the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra and the WDR Symphony Orchestra, and Axel Dörner, Paul Lovens and Rhodri Davies as improvising soloists – a clip from the BBC SSO performance is still on the orchestra’s web-pages – and he will conduct it again in Athens in June, this time with Fred Frith. In May Ilan and the WDR Orchestra will record the work with John Butcher and Thomas Lehn for a CD. He premiered the chamber orchestral Topophony with Yoni Silver and Ram Gabay with the Israel Contemporary Players on 7 January 2017.

Coming soon are new CDs to follow Elizabeth Hilliard’s Sea to the West: Irene Kurka’s beautiful recording of ‘Showing and Telling’ from the Too Far cycle, on Wandelweiser, and a CD of my complete clarinet music, played by Heather Roche. Also recently confirmed are a run of premieres in November in Berlin (the electric guitar quartet e-werk playing Untergrundnetz mit Sternenlicht), at November Music (Philip Thomas playing senza misura), and Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival (Serge Vuile with untouch-touch). As ever, I am deeply grateful to performers and promoters for making this music become a reality.

Christopher Fox, 22 May 2017