Christopher Fox in interview with Robert Worby, broadcast on BBC Radio 3’s ‘New Music Show’ on 29 August 2020.

The late Bob Gilmore’s documentary about my music, part of his remarkable series, Tentative Affinities.

Christopher Fox  The Red Studio  This is the first edit of the BBC studio recording which John Snijders made on 30 November 2015. The performance is remarkable: perhaps nowhere more so than in the first long section, which is not only the first take but also the only take.

Christopher Fox  Dance  This recording features the late, great Alan Hacker on clarinet and an ad hoc ensemble conducted by Nick Williams, recorded in 1983 for a cassette released by Yorkshire Arts as New Music from the North (the other music on the cassette was by John Paynter, David Harold Cox and my PhD supervisor, the late Richard Orton). A copy of the cassette found its way to New Zealand and has been copied by James Gardner (thanks, Jim!). Dance has twelve movements, each exactly the same length, all based on moments from  Stravinsky’s Agon.

A Radio 4 documentary first broadcast at the time of the 50th anniversary of the Darmstadt summer courses featuring, among others, Richard Rodney Bennett, Christopher Fox, and Frances Stonor Saunders, presented by Tommy Pearson, and beautifully engineered, edited and produced by Andy Cartwright.

A link to SoundCloud and the brilliant young recorder quartet Block4’s UK premiere of The Feeling of Remembering in an 840 concert, London, 13 July 2015.

Heather Roche performs Headlong in a concert recording from The Forge, London, on 15 April 2015.

Trio Scordatura’s first performance of my dolce… pianto, based on the madrigal by Vicentino.

BBC ‘Hear and Now’  First broadcast on 10 September 2011, to accompany a broadcast of KK, a short feature in which I talk about cowbells.

The Bozzini Quartet in a concert recording of chambre privée 

Falling Tree Productions  Clocks and Clouds  A wonderful documentary about Ligeti, produced for Radio 3 by Alan Hall, in which I was very pleased to be included.

Christopher Fox  Contraflow  Karin de Fleyt’s recent revival of this amplified bass flute work from 1983.

Christopher Fox  hearing not thinking  Apartment House at Wien Modern in 2007.

Christopher Fox  Thermogenesis  The premiere: John Snijders, keeping warm in a reverberant St Paul’s Hall, during the 2005 Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival. (To explain, the pianist repeats the same series of hand and arm exercises three times, the first time in mittens, the second time in finger gloves, the third time with bare hands.)

Christopher Fox  Alarmed and Dangerous  My second BBC radiophonic commission, first broadcast in 1996, featuring the trumpets of Mark Robinson and the voices of Crispian Steele-Perkins and Fiona Talkington. The producer was Alan Hall, who continues to make some of the best radio programmes around.

Christopher Fox  schwebende Zeit, 175 East  This is a concert recording of New Zealand’s finest new music ensemble, the performance conducted by James Gardner. The piece was originally written for Ensemble Kore, who premiered it in Montreal on 11 May 2007.

Christopher Fox  Boat Song, Daan Vandewalle (piano)   This recording was made as part of the 2004 Bratislava Evenings of New Music and was one of a number of pieces commissioned to connect Schoenberg and Ives; I added Mendelssohn to the mix. I wrote the piece for Anna Fox to play (and it’s dedicated to her) but it turned out to be a bit too difficult…

Christopher Fox  Sing a new song written for Sing Up, an initiative of the Labour government to encourage a revival of singing in schools – the Tories scrapped it, of course

Christopher Fox in interview with Andrew Ford, ABC Radio, 11 September 2010

Christopher Fox  schwarz-weiss   Ensemble Klang, Utrecht 2012

Christopher Fox  Chile   solo guitar, Pablo Gómez (Montreal, 2009)


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