The Journal of Music

Music in a land of contradictions. Christopher Fox on the politicisation of Arts Council England’s funding policy and the need for musicians to stand together.

What does Brexit mean for music? Christopher Fox on the social and aesthetic implications of the UK’s impending exit from the European Union.

Music for a dis-uniting kingdom. Christopher Fox on the state of new music in the UK in 2015.

Hard Times for New Music; New Music for Hard Times. Christopher Fox asks how best to support new music in the recession of 2009.


The Guardian

How Heinrich Schütz captured the spirit of Christmas. Christopher Fox in praise of Schütz, but also introducing the EXAUDI premiere of his own Trostlieder.

How the world plugged into the electric guitar. Christopher Fox on the interface between wires, valves and musical innovation.

The flat-pack Stockhausen. Christopher Fox on making a realisation of Stockhausen’s  Plus-Minus and questions of compositional parenthood.

The art of noise: how music recording has changed over the decades. Christopher Fox on music technology.

Rivers of babble on: how word became the servant to music. Christopher Fox on the relationship between music, words and writers.

Philip Glass’s Music in 12 Parts. Christopher Fox remembers his first encounter with Glass’s masterpiece on a rainy night in Liverpool in 1975.

An opera for my resistance fighter aunt. Christopher Fox on Elisabeth von Thadden and Widerstehen.

You are the synthesiser: John Cage’s experiments with the human voice. Christopher Fox on John Cage and Cathy Berberian.

Airs from another planet. Christopher Fox on Schoenberg and atonal orthodoxy.

Iannis Xenakis: sites and sounds. Christopher Fox on one of his composer-heroes.

Rules of engagement. Christopher Fox introduces the music of Luigi Nono, from its Darmstadt School beginnings to Prometeo.


Contact: A Journal for Contemporary Music

Music as Social Process: Some Aspects of the Work of Christian Wolff. First published in 1987, this article by Christopher Fox was one of the first extended articles on Wolff’s music.

Walter Zimmermann’s local experiments. The first profile article on Walter Zimmermann’s music to be published in English; Zimmermann’s work was a significant influence on Christopher Fox’s music in the 1980s.

The Gramophone

Contemporary composer: Christopher Fox. Philip Clark’s 2013 profile of Christopher Fox.