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This site lists everything published by the Fox Edition, offers thoughts on work-in-progress, and has news of forthcoming performances. It is updated regularly but the topical content is not archived. There are recordings, including the late Bob Gilmore’s documentary on my music, from his Tentative Affinities project, and links to other material, such as this YouTube clip of Ensemble Offspring’s premiere of Iron Rain and Irene Kurka’s interview with me for her neue musik leben podcast.

Email info@foxedition.co.uk for information on how to get the scores and CDs listed here. Also available is Rose Dodd’s book, Perspectives on the Music of Christopher Fox – Straight Lines in Broken Times. When Musical Times reviewed it in 2017 they concluded that ‘Fox’s bold estrangement of the most basic elements of classical connectedness brings experimental cool into productive interchange with that modernist turbulence, and helps to highlight his skill at crossing borders considered insurmountable by more mainstream modernists.’ 

But the book doesn’t cover my newer music, of which the most substantial are the Topophony works and A New Ocean. Ilan Volkov has conducted the orchestral Topophony with the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, the WDR Symphony Orchestra, and the Athens State Orchestra, with soloists Rhodri Davies (Glasgow – a clip from the BBC SSO performance is still on the orchestra’s web-pages), Axel Dörner and Paul Lovens (Cologne), and Fred Frith (Athens). Ilan has also conducted the chamber orchestral Topophony with Yoni Silver, Ram Gabay and the Israel Contemporary Players, and with Ensemble Modern, Rhodri and Thomas Lehn. A CD with three recordings by Ilan and the WDR Orchestra – orchestra alone, the Dörner-Lovens concert performance, and a studio version with John Butcher and Thomas Lehn – is available from HatHutA New Ocean, for six instrumentalists and electronics, was premiered in the Negev desert in November and comes to Birmingham University’s BEAST festival on 1 May 2020.

Topophony CD coverChristopher Fox, 19 February 2020