what’s going on

This site began as a supplement to the Fox Edition website but is now the main source of information about my work. It’s updated fairly regularly but things that change are not archived. There’s a list of everything published by the Fox Edition, a list of performances, musings on works-in-progress, and information about my writing, including some articles that aren’t so easy to find. I also add recordings which I hope people may find interesting, including the late Bob Gilmore’s documentary on my music, from his remarkable Tentative Affinities project.

The most exciting current news is that the book about my music which Rose Dodd has been painstakingly putting together for the last three years is finally available. Perspectives on the Music of Christopher Fox – Straight Lines in Broken Times is published by Routledge at an eye-wateringly expensive price that suggests that university libraries are likely to be the book’s main purchaser, but it’s a great privilege to have my work discussed by Monty Adkins, Nikki McGavin, Stephen Chase, Bob Gilmore, Roger Heaton, Bjorn Heile, Claudia Molitor, Philip Thomas, and of course, Rose herself.

Not in the book, of course, is any discussion of my most recent music. In January I was in Cologne, where Ilan Volkov conducted Topophony, with the WDR Symphony Orchestra, and Axel Dörner (trumpet) and Paul Lovens (percussion) as improvising soloists. In May 2015 Rhodri Davies had given the first performance of Topophony in the Glasgow Tectonics Festival with Ilan and the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra – a clip from that performance is still on the orchestra’s web-pages. The WDR performance was very different, but the idea of orchestral music as a landscape which is briefly inhabited by the improvisers does seem to work and Ilan and I are hatching plans for a CD. I have also begun work on a chamber orchestra Topophony for Ilan and the Israel Contemporary Players.

Recently there have been other recording developments too. Anton Lukoszevieze’s wonderful recordings of my cello music – arc, re:play, Susan’s Purple, The Dark Road and a multi-track version of The Feeling of Remembering – are available as an Ergodos CD (ER18), and an LP too. At the end of last year, Resonus released a lovely recording by the Girls’ Choir of St Catharine’s College, Cambridge, including my Edward Thomas settings, A Dream of Winter, and Karin de Fleyt’s magical new recording of the alto flute work from my stone.wind.rain.sun cycle was released on Metier in March. In January John Snijders’ premiere of my piano piece, The Red Studio, was broadcast on Radio 3 and that recording can now be heard here; in June he gave a stunningly powerful first live performance of the work in Durham University’s Klang Festival.

In October a new Metier CD will be released, with Elizabeth Hilliard singing vocal music by me (Magnification and Sea to the West), Linda Buckley, Grainne Mulvey and David Bremner; it sounds amazing.  Later this year Irene Kurka’s beautiful recording of ‘Showing and Telling’ from the Too Far cycle will be released on Wandelweiser.

Christopher Fox, 26 August 2016