what’s going on

This site began life as an adjunct to the old Fox Edition website but is now the main source of information about my work and is regularly up-dated. There’s a list of everything published by the Fox Edition and a list of performances. There are also musings on works-in-progress and  information about my writing, including some articles that aren’t so easy to find. I also add recordings which I hope people may find interesting, the newest being Heather Roche giving  Headlong its first outing as a piece for E flat clarinet.

This year has seen a lot of CD action. Philip Thomas’s CD of my ‘Works for Piano’, Republican Bagatelles, Thermogenesis, at the edge of time and L’ascenseur (hat[now]ART 192) has had some nice reviews, on-line, on BBC Radio 3 and in The Wire magazine, where Julian Cowley wrote: ‘Entrusting the manual work to longterm collaborator Thomas is a wise step. In his hands L’ascenseur, a vigorous test for the piano’s fidelity and player’s evenness of execution, advances like sonorous rubble jostling on a rising conveyor belt. at the edge of time probes the afterlife of a single recurrent pitch through the interaction of harmonics, at length and absorbingly. Republican Bagatelles churns variations by Beethoven and Ives, dredges up “God Save The Queen” and “The Red Flag”, and ends with a two-fisted barrage. Quirky, stimulating and substantial music.’

Anton Lukoszevieze’s wonderful new recordings of my cello music – arc, re:play, Susan’s Purple, The Dark Road and a multi-track version of The Feeling of Remembering – will be released in August as an Ergodos CD (ER18), and an LP too (with some collectable differences between the two). Soon there will also be sessions for a new Metier CD with Elizabeth Hilliard singing vocal music by me, Linda Buckley, Grainne Mulvey and David Bremner; in July Karin de Fleyt will record the alto flute work from my stone.wind.rain.sun cycle (also for Metier); in October Irene Kurka will record ‘Showing and Telling’ from the Too Far cycle for Wandelweiser, and Tom McKinney will record a CD of all my music for guitar.

And the new works on my desk? Music for piano, for John Snijders, and the beginnings of three new pieces for voices, for EXAUDI, for CoMA, and for The Clerks. 

Christopher Fox, 27 May 2015